Good Trip – Bad Weather: Making the Most of your Holiday

There’s nothing quite like packing for a trip. That feeling of excitement as you plan your itinerary, taking into consideration what you’ll wear and where you’ll wear it. A nice dress or suit for a fancy dinner on that special night out at a Michelin-starred restaurant. Good walking sneakers for exploring the charming cities of Europe. Swimsuit for all the beach fun you’ll be having in the South Pacific. Your multi-layered parka to keep you warm in Alaska. Umbrella? Nah, not gonna need that!

And then, your travel dreams are put on hold. Your destination is suddenly at the mercy of bad weather.  If you find yourself with a day or two of downtime, there’s nothing left to do but make the most out of it. Look on the bright side! A little rain – no probs – should’ve brought that umbrella! Heavier rain or a bit of snow – hey, you have a warm jacket – no sweat, we can still explore. A bit more rain, hail, sleet, snow and all sorts… weather over and above what was expected? OK, now we need to find something for us to do. Hey, at least we’re on holiday, right!?

So… the weather’s got you down, and you’re looking for inspiration, try these few tips that will suit most destinations.

Get in touch with the folks back home

Downtime is a great time to write or give your friends, family, or even co-workers a call. More than showing off the luxe environs of your hotel room – jealous! – it’s also time to let them know you are A-OK, as some weather events are reported on the news, and of course the inevitable Facebook. Touching base gives everyone peace of mind.

Fair warning though, you are going to be hit up for some souvenirs!

And this brings us to our next suggestion…


A little shopping therapy will do the trick! Visit the local market to buy some fresh fruits, or head into a local mall and hunt down some souvenirs that you can take back home. You might even want to grab that umbrella replacement! This is your chance to explore places you would never have gone to if it wasn’t for the weather. Seek out the bargains, look at all the different things on offer (I like a different supermarket!), eat more than you should, see a movie, shop ‘til you drop, hit the local hotspots to party all night and sleep all day! Sounds like a great day/night out to me.

Road Trip!

Do you drive? Hire a car and if you’re lucky it won’t be too far for the sun to shine. Grab some snacks (mandatory), a map or google GPS, a few friends if you’re solo and you’re good to go. Speak to the hotel concierge and locals about easy to get to locations. Stick to the main roads and drive safely. There’s no use getting bogged down on a dirt road, miles from nowhere in the rain – although I have made some brilliant memories doing just that! Spend a day seeing new places and exploring, places you would never have seen if it wasn’t for the “bad” weather.

And if you don’t drive, or would rather not, then look for those great day-trips in every hotel lobby as an option. We know you’ll find endless possibilities!

Indoors Out 

If you must go out and about, ask google or your hotel concierge, wait staff, taxi driver, friends and families for any local indoor attractions. The most interesting ones that we can come up with on the top of our heads are museums, an art gallery, aquariums, indoor skiing (I’m thinking Dubai!), the theatre, a great local bar or restaurant, or find a movie cinema. Timing is key, so if needed, pre-book or try to arrive right on open to beat the crowds and make the most of a museum or art gallery (thinking the Vatican, Egyptian Museum or the Hermitage!). While many tourists prefer to have a lovely sleep-in (check out our next suggestion), YOU are making the most out of your holiday!

Speaking of sleeping though…

Sleep-In Pyjama Day

When all else fails, and you really cannot do anything else with your day – sleeping-in is a wonderful way to holiday! Relaxing, sleeping as long as you want, breakfast/brunch/lunch in bed (depending on when you wake up!), more sleep, no hassles, no worries, nothing to do but relax and enjoy your accommodation whatever it may be.

If you do happen to get up, explore the hotel. There will be a nice little nook with your name on it somewhere. The coffee shop, the buffet, a pool, the gym, those big comfy seats in the foyer where you can sit and order a cocktail. And, we totally understand if you want to stay in bed all day when it’s raining outside. Snuggle up, stay in your jim jams, order room service and champagne while you’re at it! Hey, let’s make a party of it!

Good weather or bad, you are on holiday. Stay positive, have some fun and explore. Login at  Accor Vacation Club Travel and then search online for your next holiday (rainy or not), or simply call on AU: 1800 70 80 90 or NZ: 0800 45 19 97.

Written: Kevin Montalbo Edited: J Hamilton