Choosing a Cabin that’s Right for You

When you are on your next cruise holiday, your cabin is going to be like a second home, so choosing the right one is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. We already know that there’s so much to do onboard – you will be dancing and romancing the night away you’re your special someone… or your newfound friends, so a little snooze now and then will be ideal.

As a rule of thumb, your cabin will be your home base for about 10-50% of your cruise – depending on how much you intend to sleep! It will be your sanctuary when you are there, so let’s get it right.

Depending on the budget, a cabin’s size, location, amenities, and perks can range from the cheap and cheerful basic model through to a fully kitted-out luxurious, palatial suite. Of course, YOUR perfect cabin depends entirely on you and your personal preferences. Are you OK with a standard room or do you want a sea view, a breeze blowing in your hair, a private space outdoors to chill, or the DE-luxe treatment with all the bells and whistles?

Before we list down the different cabins found onboard, let’s take a little look at location, location…


WHERE your cabin is situated can depend or the cruiseline (if you let them pick your cabin) or your choice based upon your wants and needs. It could include the type of activities (or adventures) you will embark upon onboard. Are you a movie lover, a theatre goer, gourmet diner, a bar hopper, or will you dance the night away? A cabin located close to any one means you can be there in a jiffy!

Or are you a gym-junkie who opts for a cabin on a higher deck, close to the gym or pool area, so you can be right there first thing every morning. If you want to be ready to get out the door and be first in line off the ship whenever there’s an excursion, then a cabin on a lower deck may be your style. And for those who prefer the stability of midships to minimise the rocking, can we say a lower deck closer to the onboard centre of gravity will also assist. As will being closer to the elevators should you have mobility issues or just want to be first in at the breakfast buffet!

TOP TIP: Your Accor Vacation Club Travel specialists can suggest a cabin location that will be perfect for you.

Cabin Types

Inside Cabins

The most budget-friendly cabins to book on a cruise are the inside cabins. Most are situated within the inside of the ship, meaning that your cabin is more like a hotel room without a view. Some cruiselines have high-tec “virtual balconys” that mimic and project your very own digital window to the world! Other options may be an obstructed oceanview, a view towards an interior promenade, or even a garden area!
The typical set up within these cabins may be triple or quad bunks, twin singles or a double bed. Each will contain a bathroom, TV, and wardrobe space for your personal belongings. These are ideal for anyone looking for great value while cruising.

Oceanview Cabins

An oceanview cabin has just what it says, an ocean view. Your cabin may feature a porthole, small to picture windows, or floor-to-ceiling windows. It will have similar features to the inside cabin in regards to amenities, although the subtle difference of natural light within your cabin definitely enhances the cruise experience. And, you get to wake up to a fabulous view!

Balcony Cabins

Step up a notch to the luxury of a balcony cabin. Your  own exclusive private balcony where you can watch the sun rise, or set, enjoy a room-service breakfast, lunch, dinner – cocktails anyone? Be the first to spot new destinations on the horizon or view them up close when you’re in port. Balconies are a must when heading to Alaska, visiting a Norwegian or New Zealand fjord, if you are on a European or Asia river cruise, or simply sailing around the islands in the South Pacific, Caribbean or Seychelles – practically anywhere there is ocean and picturesque locations, preference should be for a Balcony cabin. In addition to a breeze in your hair and the privacy of a balcony, the interior of your cabin provides the floor to ceiling door/window giving you loads of natural light, ample room, often a lounge or sitting area, bathroom and wardrobe areas and more. A balcony cabin offers an affordable sense of luxury for the everyday cruiser.


Another step up brings you to the mini-suite. The main reason to go with a suite is quite simply the extra space and extra luxury while cruising. If you find you love spending time relaxing in your cabin, the additional separate lounge area on offer will keep everyone comfy. More often than not, uou will receive extra perks that range from free spa treatments, priority boarding/disembarkation, morning and afternoon tea served in-suite, access to exclusive members-only private lounges, pools, executive dining or bar areas and more. You may even have your very own personal butler! Just don’t take them home with you, okay?! 

Suites, Owner’s Suites & Penthouses

At the pinnacle of any cruise accommodation are the suites, with varying names depending on cruiseline and the level of luxury that is likely to be experienced. A suite will bring you the roomiest of cabins, often with additional rooms, lofts, outdoor balconies, dining areas and more. And, as with any luxury hotel or resort accommodation, a suite may be filled to the brim with extra amenities that range from an indoor and/or outdoor jacuzzi, dining area, bar, multiple bathrooms and bedrooms, complimentary high-end toiletries, in-room play areas for the kids, extra-large balconies, extra lounge chairs, and sometimes your very own kitchen, although your butler can take care of that! We can say unreservedly that you’ll feel right at home in a suite.

With so many options to choose from, you can be certain that the right cabin is waiting for you! Which cabin will you choose? Call your Accor Vacation Club Travel cruise specialists today on AU: 1800 70 80 90 or NZ: 0800 45 19 97

Written by Kevin Montalbo; Edited: J Hamilton